Brooke Tyler IV

Engines, gearboxes

And Team Engineer for U12 Racing.

A long-time member of Graham Trucking Racing, Tyler has a vast experience working on unlimited hydroplane crews, and it runs in his family. His father, Brooke Tyler III, also worked on the Team Porter roster early in the team’s history. Tyler, the fourth, has mainly worked on the deck and the turbine engines, gearboxes and other topside equipment, as one of two crew members who spent the majority of their time on top of the boat in the pits. He has also served as crew chief on the 7 in previous years on Porter’s team. Brooke was the crew chief on the U-7 in 2006 when the team, and driver Mike Allen won the National High Points Championship. As a result, U12 Racing currently has National Championships and the Gold Cup on their list of accomplishments.

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